Indigenous Women Artisans In Latin America

The marketplace, since pre-Columbian times, has remained a site of economic, cultural, and social exchange. For many indigenous communities, this is still the main venue at which to sell goods, socialize, gain exposure, and interact with tourists, but also a point of cross-cultural interaction in which indigenous communities become in contact with social practices and technological advances from outsiders that they consider useful, like technology and science. In recent years, indigenous markets have become a popular tourist attraction, and one of the main income sources for their own respective countries; however, in spite of their growing popularity, little is known about the significant role women play in the production, distribution, and marketing of handicrafts. This project seeks to bring to light the some of the voices of the indigenous women artisans in Latin America.

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Borders Through Art and Culture

Maria Claudine Andre, Associate Professor of Spanish

Globalization, social inequality, wars, and capitalism have severely impacted various regions of the world, forcing millions of people to seek a better life beyond the borders of their native countries.  Like gaping wounds, borders, now more than ever, are sites of conflict where subject identities are questioned and negotiated through the lens of multiple factors, such as ethnicity, religion, economics, politics, and gender orientation.  Within this scenario, the artistic expression remains an empowering tool and a means to raise consciousness about injustice and oppression taking place across borders worldwide.  Supporting the plight of immigrants and refugees, the work of artists, writers, and musicians serves as a channel of reflection and resistance to the economic and social crises brought along by consumerism and cultural colonization.   Our site aims to showcase their aesthetic vision and critical perspective as manifested in their creative discourse.  It also seeks to contribute to the development of a more egalitarian society, based on the principles of justice and solidarity for all.

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