About the Archive

The Hope College Digital Project Archive displays the Digital Liberal Arts projects of the faculty and students of Hope College. These project are a product of the integration of technology and research in the classroom, independent research, or faculty-student research.

Archive Organization

Projects are organized under the following domains of liberal arts: Languages, Arts, Music, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, History (Holland, United States, and World), Applied Sciences, and Women and Gender Studies.

Faculty Projects

Indigenous Women Artisans In Latin America

The marketplace, since pre-Columbian times, has remained a site of economic, cultural, and social exchange. For many indigenous communities, this is still the main venue at which to sell goods, socialize, gain exposure, and interact with tourists, but also a point of cross-cultural interaction in which indigenous communities become in contact with social practices and …

Borders Through Art and Culture

This site aims to showcase the aesthetic vision and critical perspective of artists, writers, and musicians as manifested in their creative discourse. It also seeks to contribute to the development of a more egalitarian society, based on the principles of justice and solidarity for all.

Mellon Scholars Digital Projects

Welcome to the Mellon Scholars Project Archive! The Mellon Scholars Program is a digital liberal arts organization supported by the Andrew C. Mellon Foundation with the goal of training young Hope College scholars in areas of research, technologies, and presentation. This archive hosts current and former Mellon Scholar projects found within the year tab that corresponds with when the project was created. Please enjoy our scholars’ hard work and fruitful contributions to digital liberal arts.

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