United States of America History

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A New Form of Struggle: Betty Ford and Breast Cancer in the 1970s by Kevin Wonch

The Lyford Project by Madalyn Northuis

Hoobla-Hoobla-Hoobla-How by Kara Robart

Holland’s Vietnam Veterans: An Oral History Project by Cullen Smith

The Boston Smallpox Epidemic: A Quantitative Analysis by Elizabeth Ensink

“For the Boys Over There”: The 1918 United War Work Campaign by Miriam Roth, Jonathan Tilden, and Ian Bussan

From Hippies to Hipsters by Hope Hancock

The Boston Bicentennial by Cullen Smith

The Man Who Wore Red by Nia Stringfellow

Anne Bradstreet’s Resolution: Understanding the Complexities of the Puritan Code of Womanhood by Gianna Ramirez

Roustabout: the Great Circus Train Wreck by Rachel Kennedy

A Dramaturgy of In the Wake by Rachel Kennedy

The Founding Fathers and Their Lending Histories by Irene Gerrish, Olivia Lehnertz, Sarah Lundy, and Kelly Arnold

Little Modern Magazines: The Influence of Literary Magazines by Rachel Brumagin, Annika Gidley, Joshua Kam, and Katrin Kelley

The Anti-Slavery Almanac by Kirstin Anderson, Andrew Monroe and Nina Kay

The Media’s First Lady by Sarah Lundy with Jeanne Petit

Hadley and Ernest by Emma Wangstrom with Stephen Hemenway

From Recreate to Reunite: Operation Babylift, Family Separation and Public Construction of the Family by Aine O’Connor with Jeanne Petit

Our Distorted Narratives: What our Textbooks Have to Do with How We Talk About the Civil War by Laura Anthon with Charles Green