Women and Gender Studies

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The Lyford Project by Madalyn Northuis

The Medea. A modern adaptation in one act with pre-show videos: Men and Feminism, Men and Anti-Feminism, Women and Feminism, and Women and Anti-Feminism by Claire Trivax

The Veil Between by Elle Banaszak

The Second Classroom by Nina Kay

The Media’s First Lady by Sarah Lundy with Jeanne Petit

Kahlo in Color: Examining the Person and Legacy of Frida Kahlo in Mexican History and Culture by Kirstin Anderson with Annie Dandavati

Turn and Face the Strange: Andy Warhol’s Unexamined Legacy by Nina Kay with Heidi Kraus

Indigenous Women and the Marketplace in Latin America by Carolyn Wetzel and María Claudia André

Lauren from Charlotte by Kirstin Anderson with Steve Nelson

Conceptualizing Conflict: A Closer Look Into Israel and Palestine by Carolyn Wetzel with Joel Toppen

New Narratives of the Middle Ages by Sylvia Rodriguez