World History

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A Summer Adventure in the Land of a Thousand Hills by Daniel Owens

Holland’s Vietnam Veterans: An Oral History Project by Cullen Smith

In the Key of Britain: The Making of British Music, 1900–1936 by Colin Rensch

British Military Intelligences during the Troubles (1969–1984) by Cullen Smith

Document-Based Learning by Miriam Roth

From Wiederaufbau to ‘Wir schaffen das”: the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the History of German Refugee Policy since 1945 by Matthew Meyerhuber

Architecture and Education in India by Taylor Mills

The Veil Between by Elle Banaszak

The Future of Korean Reunification by Katrin Kelley with Joel Toppen

Kahlo in Color: Examining the Person and Legacy of Frida Kahlo in Mexican History and Culture by Kirstin Anderson with Annie Dandavati

Shin-Hanga: Visions of Modern Japan by Maddie Zimmerman with Heidi Kraus

La Vie Glamour de F. Scott Fitzgerald à Paris by Rebecca Stanton and Kaitlyn Rustemeyer with Natalie Dykstra

The Montauri Birth Tray by Bartolomeo de Fruosino by Maddie Zimmerman with Anne Heath

Le Rwanda: Une Histoire Chronologique by Sarah Lundy with Brigitte Hamon-Porter

Conceptualizing Conflict: A Closer Look Into Israel and Palestine by Carolyn Wetzel with Joel Toppen

Japanese Control and Korean Resistance (1910-1945) by Natalie Weg with Wayne Tan

New Narratives of the Middle Ages by Sylvia Rodriguez

Something Old and Something New: Illustrating Spousal Ceremonies in “Religious Ceremonies of the Known World” by Aine O’Connor